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  • Curriculum Development Teams
  • Professional Learning Leaders
  • Teachers and Teacher Teams


  • Cycles of Professional Learning
  • Literacy
  • Best Teaching Practices
  • Graphics for the Classroom
Resource Development

Resource Development

  • Curriculum Design
  • Literacy Tools
  • Strategic Plans
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Professional Learning

Learn a 7-step cycle for professional learning with job-embedded processes to ensure improvement in practice occurs.

Graphic Facilitation

Add words and images to strategic planning by having a graphic recorder help facilitate conversations. These same processes can also be used in classrooms by both teachers and students. Use images, sketchnotes, mind mapping, and more to improve meetings and learning.

Improving Teacher Practice

Learn how to use tools and protocols that identify powerful instructional practices and ensure those practices become "the way of work."


Customize entry points of the improvement process to meet the needs of your district, school, teachers, and/or students. Accelerate teacher learning with proven tools and skills that embed professional learning within the workday, planning time, and classrooms.

Curriculum Design

Help teachers combine motivation theory with curriculum design to develop units and lessons to significantly impact student learning.


Model and share a comprehensive literacy framework with strategies and practices across all content areas and grade levels.

Paper Boarder

Barry K.

Middle School Principal, WI

Becky's knowledge is vast, yet she can work with teachers in a friendly, non-threatening way that keeps them asking for more. Over the past seven years that Becky has worked with our staff, I have seen measurable growth in our student achievement. Our test scores have shown continual improvement, to the point that the DPI has affirmed our efforts by including us as one of 93 exemplary middle schools in the state, and more recently recognizing us as the small school division's Middle School of Excellence. Simply put, I truly cannot say enough positive about Becky and the impact she has had on our school.

Kristen O.

Academic Facilitator

It was an incredible learning experience, and I will be forever grateful. How you manage to cultivate the personal and professional goals of so many is nothing short of astounding. Thank you for making all of us feel so special. I am very excited about The BIG Learn and the vision you have for that summit.